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Peter Kehoe, President of PETER KEHOE & ASSOCIATES, grew up in Long Island, NY and graduated from Roger and Williams College in 1977. He has been a resident of Pompano Beach for over 40 years.

“I literally grew up in the marine industry. Upon arriving in Florida in ’77 my career began with GE Credit Corporation Marine Division as the regional manager, then moved on to Assistant Controller New Boat Division at Broward Marine in Fort Lauderdale. In 1980 I was President of a new boat dealership in Pompano Beach. I was also employed by several boat dealers across the US selling new boat products and worked with several brokerage firms.

In 1991 I started my brokerage firm as President of Sand Piper Yachts, Inc. d/b/a Peter Kehoe & Associates. I presently have 16 licensed and bonded salesman/brokers in the firm. As a corresponding broker, I have many affiliations domestic and internationally in the industry. I have received many invitations abroad for special events, and have delivered yachts all over the world. Our goal is to make your purchase no matter what size vessel, a wonderful and exciting experience.

Peter’s recent accomplishments include the delivery of a mega yacht (new construction) for a client, a 118′ Millennium Motor Yacht. He also recently completed the sale and delivery of the “After Eight”, Northern Marine’s debut of the new 151′ series Tri-Deck. The designer, Jonathan Q. Barnett, along with the company’s revolutionary resin infusion process resulted in a most notably voluminous interior with warm, casual and classic elegance with dynamic details in the hull shape and lines. Contact Peter Kehoe for further details on Hull #3. +1 (954) 931-4360.

The “Endurance”, the 2003 77′ Northern Marine listed with Peter Kehoe of PETER KEHOE & ASSOCIATES received the “BEST INTERIOR” award at the Yacht Fest Boat Show in San Diego. This Expedition trawler vessel is one of Northern Marine’s finest yachts which was recently sold as well.

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Peter has made a substantial name for himself and his Brokerage. His experience, knowledge, ethics, and personality have all contributed to his success. He is spoken highly of by the community. Please read his letters of recommendation to follow.

Letters of Recommendation:

Senator Joe Manchin

James Meere – Daimler-Chrysler Capital Services

Ted Akey – Bureau Chief of Marine Patrol Operation

Bob Parks – American Yacht Sales

James Burk – Wachovia Bank



Back by popular demand, our Brokers Speak Out feature puts brokers in the spotlight.  This issue, Peter Kehoe gives us insight into his firm, Peter Kehoe & Associates

How long have you been a broker?

Peter Kehoe & Associates has been in business in South Florida for over 20 years. I have been in the boating industry practically my entire life.  In the 1980’s, at age 26, I opened my own boat dealerships.  Moving into yacht brokerage was a natural evolution of my experience and dedication to the industry.

What did you do before becoming a broker?

I started out as a boat rigger while growing up in the South Shore of Long Island and the New England area. I was 16 when I sold my first boat (a Winner sport boat); I was helping with the New York City Boat Show set up at the old coliseum. After college, I worked for Broward Marine as a comptroller for new construction accounts, and then moved into the financing end of the business with GECC Marine Division.

What was your main reason for becoming a broker?

I am a people-person.  I enjoy getting to know my clients, their families and their business but also understand how they like to have fun.  Understanding a client’s expectations is the key to a happy yacht owner. I also enjoy the creative expression involved with new yacht building.

Do you think a buyer needs a broker to build a new yacht and why?

I highly recommend that owners take advantage of an experienced broker’s knowledge and hands-on availability. The nuances and protocols involved in new constructions exceed most owners’ knowledge and time availability. An experienced broker, who is well-versed in financing, insurance, contract negotiation, yacht construction and interior design, is a priceless instrument in any new-build situation. Acting as a liaison between owners, builders, sub-contractors and designers, the broker can head off potential issues, address pitfalls, discuss trends and make recommendations that others involved in the transaction may not consider.

What was your favorite deal?

It’s really hard to name a “favorite deal” in so many years of experience.  Selling megayachts, sportfish and high-performance, one-of-a-kind vessels offers a thrill each time a deal is done. I recall the awesome power of Moonraker and working with owners John Staluppi and John Rosatti on numerous transactions over the past 20 years.  I also recall the heart-pounding thrill of Blue Marlin fishing aboard the Lethal Weapon in Puerto Rico. My favorite part of any deal is the excitement and passion that is involved in fulfilling the clients’ desires, be they speed, stability, a unique interior, or acoustics.  If you always keep the client’s desires at the forefront, everything else seems to fall into place for a great experience.

Which shipyards do you envision booming in the future?

Although no one knows exactly what the future holds, I believe that the successful shipyards of the future must exist in a politically and tax-friendly environment. We are coming off 30 years of excesses. Competitive pricing, an innovative workforce, and the ability to work with a highly skilled management group existing on multiple continents, are key to the future of yacht and shipbuilding.

What, in your opinion, is the best yacht on the market today?

The best yacht is one that fits the needs of the owner, the family, and the business. One of the finest yachts built to date is the 230-foot Martha Ann.  It is one of the most magnificent vessels I have seen. The 82-foot, 36-foot beam power Catamaran Bonefish, with her go-anywhere functionality, is the perfect vessel for the active yachting enthusiast. These two vessels are so different, yet they create the same big smile on their owners’ faces.

Is there another business you’d be interested in?

Peter Kehoe & Associates has a well-rounded background for both good times and not-so-good times economically. Our company now includes insurance products and recovery services for the banking industry. We work with financial institutions to recover, recondition and re-market vessels.

What do you see as your firm’s greatest assets?

We are fortunate to have great people who are dedicated to doing the right thing. Joe Stetson has a lifetime of marine industry experience, from captaining his own vessels to closing on new constructions. Joe Santoli also adds years of experience and shows dedication to his clients long after the deal is done. Experienced Broker Joan Hatton operates our marine insurance agency. We would like to welcome Bonnie Mims, one of the world’s leading charter experts and our new charter manager. Another recent addition is the 157-foot Christensen Top Five, a magnificent yacht with the finest crew headed by Capt. Johanes Buys and immediately available for charter. Randy Sweetland, a former Presidential Secret Service Agent and Ted Akey, formerly Bureau Chief of the Florida Marine Patrol Operations and a first-class investigator as well as a good friend, round out our team of 20 professional associates and brokers.