Joan Hatton

Executive Administrator Joan Hatton


Executive AdministratYacht Brokersor

Joan Hatton, the Executive Administrator at Kehoe Yachts, comes from a family of boat manufacturers and grew up in Illinois doing a lot of boating in the Ozarks. Upon arriving in South Florida in ’78, she began working in new boat sales.

She started with South Florida Boating in 1980 in Pompano Beach, which was owned by Peter Kehoe. From 1985-’87 she sold boats across the country for dealers.

After selling boats for many years she attained a Property & Casualty License in Marine Insurance in 1987.

Joan has been working with Peter Kehoe & Associates, Yacht & Ship Brokerage since 1991. She is presently the Executive Administrator for the company and a licensed broker. She also manages the Insurance Division of the company.


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