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Asset Recovery Agency, Inc. and Peter Kehoe & Associates Yacht and Ship Brokerage offers expert brokers and personnel to assist you in recovery and re-marketing of your asset.

Our Mission

Your asset will be marketed through Peter Kehoe & Associates.

This will bring you a higher resale value and should there be a deficiency owed by the borrower this will enable the bank and attorney's that this was not an unconscionable sale, therefore allowing the bank to collect any deficiency owed by the borrower.

Company Profile

We take care, custody and control and oversee with our professional staff, and reputable marine services to complete any necessary repairs on the vessel.


Member of the National Marine Manufactures Association, Florida Yacht Brokers Association, National Business Association, Society of Naval Architects, BUC Research System, Yachtworld, Marine Source, International Billfish Association, Crime Stoppers, The Rotary Club of Pompano Beach.

What do other people say about our company?

"Outstanding services" "Through your efforts we were able to attain a great price" "your communication thoughout the sales process was superior" "your experience and knowledge proved to be the key ingredient in bringing a good buyer to the table"

Who are the people in our company?

Licensed and bonded Yacht and ship Brokers, Licensed Captains, Licensed Insurance Brokers, highly experienced service personnel and yacht detailers.

Letters of Recommendation:

Governor Joe Manchin

James Meere - Daimler-Chrysler Capital Services

Ted Akey - Bureau Chief of Marine Patrol Operation

Bob Parks - American Yacht Sales

James Burk - Wachovia Bank

Contact Information

Telephone : (954) 767 9880
FAX: (954) 767-9884

101 N. Riverside Drive, Suite 123
Pompano Beach, FL 33062

General Information - peterkehoe@peterkehoe.com
Sales - sales@peterkehoe.com

Main: (954) 767 9880 - Fax: (954) 767-9884
101 N. Riverside Drive, Suite 123 Pompano Beach, FL 33062
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