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Those who know Peter Kehoe say it best: "Peter never ceases to amaze me with his accomplishments." This ringing endorsement from a top executive at one of the world's leader in marine financial services underscores the depth and breadth of one of the most respected and longest-serving yacht and ship brokers.

With 35 years in the marine industry, Peter Kehoe knows every aspect of the business. The illustrious cast of clients, builders, bankers and brokers who have worked with Peter Kehoe & Associates reads like a who's who of the industry.

" I grew up in the business," says Kehoe, "starting out rigging boats, then after graduating college, becoming assistant comptroller at Broward Marine, moving to its new division [and] doing bill of materials-in other words, learning how to build a yacht from scratch." This truly hands-on approach has built exceptional client loyalty. "I've been working with the same ones for years and [am] honored by their trust."

The firm's outstanding track record is reflected in a golden list of referrals. "The keys are experience, simplicity and ease of doing business," Kehoe says. "We serve the most educated and demanding clients. Working with savvy yachtsmen is great because they really understand the business and appreciate the special value we bring."

That value is in optimizing the clients' assets, whether this is dealing with the investments they are making or the revenue they wish to generate. "Our people are highly respected in the business," Kehoe adds. "We are personally involved in areas such as non-traditional finance packages, payment schedules for the builder, trade-in value maintenance, recovery and a range of other aspects, such as insurance, that are beyond the capacity of most brokers."

The firm's affiliate, Insurance Services of Pompano Beach, Inc., led by Senior Insurance Specialist Donna Edelman-Tobin, addresses these critical specifics. "Insurance is more important than most owners realize," Kehoe continues. The firm's unique knowledge base gives it the ability to challenge, when appropriate, so-called "expert" advisors-to the client's benefit. "We go beyond the normal scope of due diligence, because we know firsthand the particular intricacies of different geographies and their legal norms and standards."

This thoroughness translates into a meticulously personalized approach. "We ask all the questions that need to be asked about the client's expectations for the boat," Kehoe says. "Is it the 'wow factor'? What is the range they expect? How many staterooms do they need? How old are the children? Do they need a bodyguard? Will they use the vessel as a floating office? This is critical in ensuring the client's best interests are served." Kehoe maintains that the depth of a broker's personal knowledge is indispensable. "When you're going with a broker, you have to go with experience. Because there's so much on the line."

Many of the megayachts represented by Kehoe have graced the covers and feature articles of ShowBoats Internaional such as Christensen's Liquidity and some of Millenium's speed-record-challenge superyachts. "We've built a lot of exciting boats over the years, many unique, and all of them fun." At this year's Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach, the firm will showcase the 127-foot tri-deck Crescent M/Y; a 157-foot Christensen M/Y Nice N Easy; and a 68-foot Sunseeker Predator, Sex Sea.

Millenium's CEO John Rosatti caps the wealth of accolades Kehoe has justly earned: "Peter Kehoe is my man."

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